“mmmmmmm delicious”…It’s hearing words like these that really make cooking rewarding.

Those of you who already know me know I love talking about food, cooking food and best of all sharing food. It is my desire to share food that has led to me to start this blog.

Years ago I didn’t have much interest in cooking but things have changed. The people I have met, and experiences I have had have made me want to learn  more and more about food and try new things. My mum is my main inspiration – she has taught me and is still teaching me so much about good cooking. Tootgirl has taught me so much about good entertaining and guided me through the joys of baking!

The main focus of my blog will be Indian style cooking but I will be sharing other delights too. I always try and cook things from scratch and want to show people how easy it is.

I hope you enjoy reading it……and maybe even try some of my recipes!

13 Responses to “Welcome…….”

  1. Looking forward to your baking tips!

  2. coriander-free recipes please!

  3. shaena239 Says:

    Looking good!! 🙂

  4. Top stuff Nina!
    Some years ago Steve Nelson and I demolished (tears and all) a chicken biryani that your mum had made – along with mint yoghurt combo… any chance the recipe could appear on here sometime?

  5. Nina, this blog is such a great idea! I can’t wait to see some more recipes, especially some Indian fish recipes as they are hard to come by in the books.

    • Jennie will post a fish recipe in a couple of weeks. What do you fancy something in a tomato sauce or pan fried?

      • Thanks Nina. Si says he would like some fish in a tomato sauce, but I would like to see a pan fried dish! Can we go with the pan fried fish first? Can’t wait!

  6. Joanne B Says:

    Sounds great, can’t wait to try out your recipes…:)

  7. Great Blog. i need this to get me in the kitchen, will let you know how it goes.

  8. Lamb and chicken recipes please Nina! Mr D loves to make a curry from scratch. I like eating them!

  9. Your hubby brought in a batch of your brownies a couple of weeks back – they were divine. I’ll try and impress my other half with some of your delicious recipes!

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