Tinned Tomatoes – they are not all the same!!

A lot of the cooking that I do is tomato based so my cupboard is never short of a tin or ten of tomatoes. Over time I have bought the cheap tins, expensive tins, chopped, whole etc etc. One thing I have learnt is that is if your dish is tomato based it is really important to buy a good tin of tomatoes – that doesn’t mean expensive. There are so many on the market now that it is easy to think that they are all the same or just to go with the cheapest. I would say always buy whole plum Italian tomatoes as they break down much easier than chopped ones. Test a few out and compare them but you’ll find that if you put a tin of the cheapest tomatoes next to a middle of the range you will see that the cheaper ones look really pale and will not cook as well – you may end up using more or adding puree – so it’s really a false economy.

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