Fresh vs Frozen

Everyone knows that fresh vegetables are the best option…..but there are some occasions when it is perfectly ok to buy frozen.

When it comes to indian vegetables the fresh ones are not always readily available. If you want to get variety out of your indian meals you really will need to invest in some frozen vegetables (from you local indian grocer). Most fresh indian vegetables are available in the UK, here in Australia they are much more difficult to find. Even my mum occasionally uses the frozen ones so I feel perfectly comfortable advocating it 😉

Here’s list of the frozen veg I always keep in my freezer :

  • Fenugreek leaves/Methi
    • This is a must have for a budding indian cook. They come frozen in handy sized frozen blocks perfect for adding to the appropriate dishes. In the UK you can buy bunches of fresh fenugreek, but I would still recommend having the frozen stuff in your freezer, as the fresh bunches need a lot of preparing before using.
  • Ladies Fingers/Bindi/Okra
    • You can buy these frozen whole or chopped up. This is quite a sticky vegetable when cut up, so when you cook it from fresh it is advisable to cut them the day before. When you buy them frozen you can add them straight to the oil without any preparation – and they still taste just as good as the fresh ones.
  • Guvar/cluster bean
  • Tuver/Pigeon Peas
  • Papdi Lilva (broad bean family)
  • Frozen peas – my freezer is never without them 🙂
Check out my next post to see how I have used a couple of these items.

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