Everything but the kitchen sink…….

We’ve just returned from a fab few days away in a lovely place near Lemon Tree Passage in Port Stephens. We stayed in a cabin (which the boys loved) in a holiday park which had it’s own resident koalas!

Since we’ve had kids it’s impossible to travel light….and for 3 nights away our car was rammed! Scooters, books, dvds, toy cars etc, etc. It got me thinking about the essential foodie/cooking items I would not go without if we are staying somewhere self catering.

When we go away we try and have lunch out and our evening meal in. So I always try and plan at least a couple of the meals. I hate having to go out and do a massive shop on my first day so try and raid my cupboard for anything essential I might need.

Here are a few things I just have to try and take with me:

  1. A good knife – they are are always rubbish in self catering places
  2. Thick tea towel or oven glove – they never have oven gloves
  3. My spice tin
  4. Fresh Masala
  5. Tin of tomatoes
  6. Oil
  7. A large cooking pot – preferably my Le Creuset (which is still going strong 10 years later)
  8. A few potatoes
  9. Few handfuls of rice
  10. Cleaning spray – not a fan of bad food hygiene!!!
I’m sure there are a 1 or 10 other items I could add to this list but I won’t ;).

This time round I also took:

  1. Frozen – rich tomato sauce (which I used with some chicken drumsticks  and potatoes for our meal on Thursday night)
  2. All the vegetables we had left over in our fridge – which we used over the few days we were away
  3. Tin of Pathra – which I will blog about soon

It goes without saying I take things for breakfast, sandwiches, ete, etc! I just can’t help taking the full contents of a fridge – but honestly it’s normally what I already have in my cupboard so very economical 😉

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