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Virtues of the pressure cooker….

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I’m going to be introducing quite a few more dahl recipes but before I did that I just wanted to write a bit about my friend the pressure cooker.

Whilst I’ve had a pressure cooker for over 10 years I haven’t always been a fan. There was an incident about 12 years ago when I didn’t listen to my mothers instructions (or use my common sense) and opened the lid without releasing all the steam first. This resulted in dahl on the ceiling and every other nook and cranny in my kitchen!! So my main tip  – always makes sure you release the steam before opening it.

I am now a big fan of the pressure cooker. I use it to cook most of my dahls and I also use it for some of my kids food as you will see. I can make a chicken curry for my kids in about 10 minutes! So it reduces cooking time and if used for the right dishes produces some amazing flavours.

Not that many people I know own a pressure cooker but I think it’s a good investment – you don’t need to buy a huge one. The above picture is of my pressure cookers they are basic ones that you’d probably find in most indian households (where they cook) but I know there are snazzier more colourful versions on the market.

Introducing children to ‘Indian Food’

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Since my children were weaned on to solids they have been eating indian style food cooked with only the non hot spices. My boys are now 4.5 and 2, my youngest has no issue with trying spicy food but my eldest will refuse it before trying it. Probably our own fault for saying things were ‘too spicy’! So I have decided it’s about time we sorted things out and got them both on the spicy food track (only on moderate levels of course).

All of the dishes I blog for children can be cooked without the hot spices too.

I hope this section of my blog will help you vary your child’s diet and introduce so many more new flavours and ingredients that they otherwise would not taste. So many Indian spices hold great health benefits so please give these recipes a go.

Will update my first recipe later today…..

Tangy, Spicy Lemon Pickles

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After 3 weeks of sun and sitting my ‘Lemon Pickles’ are perfectly pickled. We opened the jars yesterday for a taste test and they have exceeded my expectations when it comes to flavour. They are tangy, sour, spicy and sweet all at the same time.

Pickles are perfect for serving with poppadoms, dahls and other vegetarian dishes. You can chop them up smaller or serve them as they are. The sauce is so delicious that sometimes I even have some of it on bread or a roti.

I have transfered the pickles into a clean jar – this will prevent the formation of a white mould (which is harmless). Store the pickles in a cool dry place or fridge – they will last for months.

I’ve gone a bit quiet….

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For those of you who enjoy reading my blog, apologies, but I haven’t had a chance to update it for a while. I’ve had my hands full packing up house and home for our big move to the Gold Coast.

I might have been busy packing, but fear not I have also been busy cooking easy meals and snacks. As soon as I get a chance I will update my blog with new recipe ideas.

In the meantime please check out my friend KayKay’s blog. We were lucky enough to have a yummy food delivery from KayKay so we didn’t have to cook on our last night in Turramurra ( or order takeaway)!

Dal, Dahl, Dahl or Daal

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Unless you are vegetarian, when you think of Indian food you probably do think more about meat dishes. However, through my blog I want to introduce you to some delicious dahls and vegetable dishes. When I was growing up we only tended to eat lamb and chicken at the weekend. So even now my family’s diet still includes a lot of dahl and vegetable dishes.

Dahl is a preparation of dried lentils, peas or beans (pulses). The Indian way of preparing them turns them from something bland to something pretty delicious. There are so many different types of dahl, and different ways to cook them, that you could never get bored of them (unless you eat them every day – although my Dad reckons he could!). Like most Indian food, Dahl is served with rice, roti, naan or can be eaten on it’s own.

Dahl has some excellent nutritional values: high in protein, high in carbohydrates but virtually fat free, rich in vitamin B, folic acid, iron and zinc – all this in one bowl!

So here goes – I am going to introduce you to my first dahl recipe on this blog. It’s easy, healthy and worth a try 🙂